As a HIGH TIMER for every $200 you spend,
you get a $20 Reward. When you spend $420
you become a 420 FLYER, scoring more benefits.

Your rewards never expire,
so there are always
High Times Ahead.

You’ll be automatically enrolled in our rewards program after your first purchase, online, or in-store. With your first purchase, you’ll start as a High Timer earning rewards, birthday deals, and more. Once you spend $420, you’ll automatically upgrade to a 420 Flyer, unlocking even more benefits. 

Score > Earn > Burn. Every $200 you spend, get $20 in rewards. High Timers and 420 Flyers will be notified via email and text about other benefits when joining the program. Including promotions that could double or triple the rewards you’ve earned!

Ask our staff to check on your rewards and member status in-store, when redeeming rewards online, scroll down on the checkout page. 

In-store our staff will pull up your account at checkout, tell you your total rewards and you can decide whether to apply to your purchase or let them build up for a rainy day. When shopping online you can add rewards to your cart during checkout, then choose how much and when to spend. 

Your rewards never expire, so there are always High Times Ahead.

420 Flyers get access to exclusive events, $20 birthday gifts, 50% High Times apparel, special gifts on 04/20 day, and more!